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Hiring A Chauffeur

When it comes to hiring a chauffeur-driven car, there are few things to consider to ensure you get the right type of car and the right chauffeur for your needs. Here you’ll find a few helpful hints to guide you on your way to chauffeur hire success, whether you need a chauffeur-driven car for business or pleasure.

Choosing the car

Most chauffeur-driven car hire companies have a wide range of cars for you to choose from, such as people carriers with room for up to nine people, Mercedes limousines, vintage cars for weddings or special events, executive cars with business accessories such as telephones and desk space, and luxury cars with reclining seats, in-car DVD players, game consoles and televisions.

The car you choose will depend on two factors – the purpose of the car, such as travelling to a business meeting or a hen night, and your budget. For regular business and private customers many chauffeur companies now offer account facilities so you will just receive a monthly bill for the service as you do for utility and other bills.

If you want to use your own vehicle but want a chauffeur to drive it on your behalf then some chauffeur companies can accommodate your request and provide a full-trained chauffeur for you so you can enjoy your journey without having the responsibility and stress of driving.

Choosing the chauffeur

When choosing a chauffeur you should think about the type of person you want to drive you or your client to your chosen destination. Do you want someone chatty who will make conversation for the entire journey or do you want someone more business like who will leave you to get on with your work in the back of the car?

You should also check whether the chauffeur will be wearing a uniform and if so what kind of uniform. If you are hiring a vintage wedding car then you’ll want the chauffeur’s uniform to reflect the era of the car. In addition you will want a chauffeur who is fully qualified up to the Institute of Advanced Motorists Standard so you can be assured of a safe ride. Other qualifications to look for are from the Rolls Royce School of Instruction, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, and high speed and evasive driving courses.

It may also be worth checking whether the chauffeurs have undergone security and criminal checks, particularly if you will be working on confidential documents during the journey or your client’s visit is of a confidential nature.
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